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The Cellarat Team


Malcolm Walker


Malcolm oversees the creative side of all productions and liaises with all external project directors, producers and creatives.

Malcolm started working in the film and television industry in  1976  straight from school, over the last 39 years has worked on some of the biggest block busting films like Star Wars, and Alien, he was one of the UK ‘s leading  location  managers for 15 years before moving onto directing and producing, as a director he has directed some of UK top TV series for both the BBC and ITV with nearly 40 years in film and television. As the creator, producer and director of Cellar Rats, he has the experience to make this series a major success.


Suzie Wiseman

Head of Production

Suzie Wiesmann is Head of Production will oversee all the Cellarat Productions.

Suzie has worked on some of Hollywood’s most successful fi lms like “Batman Begins”, and “Bourne Ultimatum” among many others. Suzie brings a wealth of invaluable production experience to the Cellarat Team.

With over 100 years’ experience between them in Film and TV, Suzie and Malcolm work closely together on ideas and concepts, validating and approving all budgets modules. Th ey both manage the raising of fi nance and shareholder manement, leading ultimately to the commercial success of Cellarat Productions Limited.

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Brad Moore

Creative Director

Brad Moore joined the Cellarats team in 2022 as Creative Director. His lifelong passion for film propelled his move into the entertainment industry eleven years  ago both in front of and behind the camera. Brad is now an award- winning British actor, Writer and Executive Producer known primarily for his lead roles in Golden Years, Gloves Off and North vs South. Brad has worked on and Executive Produced productions that have sold to Netflix, Channel 4, Sky, Amazon, CBS, Hulu, E1, Sony, HBO, and AMC. Brad has also performed in and produced films that have screened around the world at many of the worlds tier one Film Festivals and Award Ceremonies such as London Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Edinburgh Interational Film Festival, Beijing International.


Lelia Mousav


Leila has worked in production for over twelve years. Extremely passionate about the development process of film making, she is involved in projects from treatment and script stage to character development and creating in- camera effects. Her passion for detail and craft has lead her to time working with model units and creature shops.

In addition to developing Italian co-production comedy ‘Il Basso!’, starring Guy Pratt and Raffaello Degruttola, Leila and her writing partner, Stuart Birchall, have one script optioned, as well as a treatment which is part of an anthology horror series in development.


Mike Wood

Head of Post-Production/Editor

Mike Wood is the Cellar Rats editor and producer will oversee all the post- production. Mike is also very experienced. He was heavily involved in the design and set up of the BBC iPlayer.

Mike began his career as a journalist before moving to film and TV, and has worked for and with some of the most well- known international brands, broadcasters and producers since, including Walt Disney, BBC, Sky, FilmFour, UKTV, Universal and many more. A BBC trained lighting camera operator and hugely experienced editor, Mike has a unique mix of technical and creative skills Cellar Rats can only benefit from in his role as Head of Post-Production and Technical Producer.


Mark Scribbins

Executive Producer

Mark began his career in the media industry, working for over ten years for a London publishing house. He moved to Europe to start a new profession in Germany as a stock broker. After eight years he was head hunted by a Swiss Asset Management company.

In 2011 Mark moved into film finance and production working on films such as the award winning Best Laid Plans starring Stephen Graham and the breakthrough Bafta winning The Rise starring Timothy Spall and Vennesa Kirby. Mark has also acted as Executive Producer on films such as 'Gloves Off' starring Ricky Tomlinson, Denise Van Outen, 'Golden Years' starring Simon Callow, Bernard Hill and Una Stubbs and 'Writers Retreat' starring Chris Fairbanks.


Andrew Matthewson

Executive Producer

Andrew has spent more than 25 years in media, marketing, property and film. A specialist in digital marketing, Andrew heads up digital and social media marketing for Cellarat Productions and our slate of films. Andrew has successfully run digital campaigns for films such as the award winning Best Laid Plans starring Stephen Graham and the breakthrough Bafta winning The Rise starring Timothy Spall and Vennesa Kirby. In recent years Andrew has worked closely with Brad Moore as an Executive Producer on films such as Gloves Off starring Ricky Tomlinson, Denise Van Outen and Writers Retreat starring Chris Fairbanks.

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Tony Gallagher

Head fo Digitals

Tony Gallagher is responsible for all the digital media side of production and IT Generally. With 40 years working with computers and development, Tony has seen all, so our digital capabilities are in capable hands. Mike and Tony work closely together.


Alex Redmomd

Finance Director

Alex is our certified accountant who will control all budgets and the day to day financial running of the company. With finances in film and TV now being such a vital part of our business.

"Our team possess a depth of experience in all aspects of Tv and Film making. From script selection, development, writing, directing, marketing, film finance, through to sales and distribution. We believe that our attention to detail and our investment model further supported by our strong industry partners ensures our projects chances of performing strongly across all platforms. Our strategy of spreading risk across multiple projects is similar to the model that major Hollywood studios employ."

Malcolm Walker

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