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About Us/Concept

Cellarat Productions ltd aims to achieve success as a UK production company through its development and production of high calibre film and television projects. Cellarats goal is to deliver critically acclaimed product, capable of commercial success in the UK and of generating strong sales in other territories around the world. With the recent increase in television production and a demand for quality product from traditional broadcasters such as BBC, ITV and Sky, as well as online giants such as Amazon and Netflix, Cellarats Productions ltd will focus all of its attention on creating content for this market.

Cellarat Productions ltd has come a long way since our inception, and we are proud of our achievements so far. We initially set out to make TV programmes about various specialist topics around the world, that would be exciting, educational and informative, but full of entertainment and conveying that escapism and “ I wish I were there” feeling. Being lovers of wine, we saw that cookery programmes seemed to rule the channels, so we set out to make a TV series on wine, “Cellar Rats” was born. Having filmed as far away as New Zealand and as close to home in the vineyards of England, “Cellar Rats” has established itself as a worldwide production, and in 2021 filming is set to take the crew to South Africa, Australia, and China.

Cellar Rats is a series concentrating on winemakers around the world, and Cellarat Productions Limited is now a full- on Film and TV production company. We have put together a diverse slate of feature films and TV programs and assembled a very experienced team of writers, producers and film makers to help develop, produce and secure distribution for the projects. While watching the content marketplace, it became apparent that TV viewing habits were changing. The traditional broadcasting method is under fire. The traditional “we broadcast at a time to suit us; you watch at that time” paradigm is no longer meeting viewing needs. Viewing audiences are now more demanding, wanting to watch at their convenience, not at set times. “On Demand” TV in its many forms has exploded, and now dominates the marketplace. Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, have led the charge and now even BBC and ITV joining forces with BritBox, to combat the threats from the big American studios and SVOD TV Channels. The fight for audiences and content has never been greater.


Cellarat Productions sees this change in viewing habits and exploding marketplace as an opportunity to capitalise. We intend to produce and secure distribution for our own content, IP (Intellectual Property). With the intellectual property retained, this can provide long term revenue streams and a whole new expansion opportunity. Supported by Itasca Films Limited established in 1999, who initially provided premises and equipment, along with backing and guidance from its many years of experience filming around the world. Itasca Films will concentrate on making feature films for cinematic release and securing distribution via the emerging SVOD and streaming TV channels around the world, whilst Cellarat Production Limited will focus on the high-end Digital TV market.


Simon Callow in our film 'Golden Years'

Cellarat Productions is expanding and now bringing elements of postproduction in house having invested in three editing suites and a screening and grading theatre. Our team is growing with in-house writers and editors on site developing and sculpting our slate of projects. Cellarat Productions Limited has seen business success with help from the UK Governments and HMRC’s EIS Programme (Enterprise Investment Scheme). The EIS scheme offers equity investors a 30% tax relief and other tax relief benefits. Cellarat Productions has greatly benefited from this scheme, and with the expansion into the new areas of Film and TV production, will continue to do so. Investors can continue to benefit from tax-exempt profits as we greatly enhance the opportunity of success to potential investors. Cellarat Productions is and will continue to be a showcase company for the success of HMRC’s EIS Scheme, with this continued support from the EIS Scheme, we are achieving company expansion, offering employment while generating returns for our investors and supporters.


Behind the scenes on set of Golden Years

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