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Investor Experience

Within the Cellarat Productions community there are a lot of interactive opportunities for our investors and their family to gain hands-on film industry experience. Whilst we must stress that we do not promise any specific involvement as a condition of investing, once part of the Cellarat Productions shareholders community, our team will make every effort to deliver a film experience geared to their area of interest.


As a result, we have had many of our Investors and/or their family successfully

win roles in the teams previous productions or work behind the scenes both on and off set earning valuable work experience for their CVs and making great industry contacts.


Work Experience can be during pre- or post-production at the Cellarat Productions office or as a runner on set during production. Most of our placements when available are one to two weeks. Should there be interest in a specific department, then we do our best to arrange work experience in that department or to shadow for a few days.


Career Advice is also available. Our Writers/Producers/Directors have extensive experience in the industry and are more than happy to meet with investors or their family to pass on their knowledge and help advise on their career path for the future.


Auditions can also be arranged. If any Investors or their children are aspiring actors then Leila Mousavi, who works very closely with our Casting Directors and Directors during pre-production will look at the script to find any suitable roles for the client and arrange an audition for them. We must stress that actors will only win a part on the merit of their acting ability and suitability. We cannot promise roles, but we can make sure that the client gets the audition experience and the opportunity to show off their talent to the Director and Casting Director. Our motto is “get them in the room” because whether or not their first audition is successful, the client can then be kept in mind by the casting directors for future projects and called upon again. We are also happy to get feedback from the director and provide footage of the audition for show reels.


Supporting artists and extras. Dependent of the needs of each production, we always try to offer our clients a background part in the film. Whether to practice their skills and build up their credits or simply because a client wants to see themselves on screen and have something to show the kids one day. For investors simply looking to be part of the film as a fun experience we often invite investors to be extras for larger set piece scenes.

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Outside of production there are many interesting and glamorous events for our investors to attend and to feel part of the Cellarat Productions community.


For each film we will host a variety of Investor screenings, Test screenings, Gala screenings, Red Carpet premieres, Film Festivals and On–Set days.



Every film that we produce will always have a Gala Screening for our Investors to attend. These usually take place at high-end West End cinemas. These screenings often have cast and principal crew in attendance to give a Q and A after the film.

Besides offering investors a chance to see the film before its release this allows them to chat to those involved with the making of the film. On release of the film there is usually also a Red Carpet Charity Premiere. These normally involve the full cast, celebrities, press and an after party.


When it comes to Film Festivals, where possible at the request of the investors we will always do our best to arrange screening tickets for those who have made the effort to attend the festival. Investors have so far enjoyed joining the team at festivals in London, Edinburgh, Toronto, Sitges, Marbella and Cannes.


On set days. During each Production we always allocate time where we invite our investors to attend for a special behind-the-scenes tour and opportunity to witness the making of the film. This involves meet and greets with the cast, photo opportunities, and a real behind the scenes experience of filmmaking that will give them lots of stories to tell.

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