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Love Dove Generation


As Daniel’s popularity grows, his drug and drink fuelled lifestyle begins to spiral out of control. At the brink of going off the rails, he suddenly meets SONYA and his life changes forever. The inseparable couple embark on a journey through this ever-changing music scene. Daniels wide boy mentality and openness to learn about the cultures around him, takes us to the heart of East London's diverse community, which collectively created a rave movement that would influence the world.




Stringer is an hour-long character driven comedy drama series that plays as a fish out of water trope. This is a story about a man running out of time and desperate to prove to himself, his deceased super cop father and everyone on the planet that he is not a dick. A cinematic comedy set in the weird (characters) and wonderful (landscape) coastal towns and small islands of North Anglesey.


Harley's Block

"Gone Girl Meets H a r r y B r o w n "

The story of Harleys Block is driven by a parents deepest and most universal fear. What if your eight-year-old child suddenly vanished from under your nose merely yards from your own home? The closest thing to hell on earth... When a child suddenly goes missing in a treacherous london council block, two disparate detectives must combine their skills and wits as they confront the dark realities that lurk within the walls of Trinity Towers. Who you are on one side of the door is not necessarily the same as the other, as our heroes explore the seedier side of the block, all the while sensing they are being watched as the clock keeps ticking down and the missing girl fate more certain the longer they take to find the truth - and Harley.

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Luvaglio is an original screen play to be directed by Antonio Banderas that will tell the true and amazing life story of the Luvaglio brothers Vince and Michael. The story is based on facts around the murder of Michael Luvaglio’s best friend Angus Sibbit, who was shot dead in 1967 in the northeast of England. The legendary and iconic British Film, “Get Carter” starring Michael Cane, was based on Angus Sibbit’s murder.


Better Life

A group of strangers visit a wellness retreat on a Greek island hoping to find the key to a better life in the retreat’s ‘healthy living’ techniques but instead they discover that true happiness can be found in love shared with other people. A romantic British ensemble comedy in the spirit of Shirley Valentine meets Best Marigold. Tonally we’re going for a similar experience to the Little Miss Sunshine. A quirky character driven comedy but with very emotional scenes in between and a joyous finale

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